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7 June 2024

The end of Apartheid in South Africa coincided with a renewed drive to expand our definition of the human and to reimagine democracy as a community of life.

6 June 2024

The Official Award Ceremony for the Holberg Prize and the Nils Klim Prize.

6 June 2024

The award ceremony for the Holberg School Programme, a research competition for students in Norwegian upper secondary schools.

5 June 2024

How should we inhabit anew and share as equitably as possible a planet whose life-support system has been so severely damaged by human activities as to be in dire need of repair?

5 June 2024

The greatest challenge facing critical theory now is the reframing of the disciplines in light of the long-term sustainability of life on Earth.  

4 June 2024

The Holberg Prize Laureate and the Nils Klim Prize Laureate in conversation.

4 June 2024

Under dire circumstances worldwide, how can the insights that energy social scientists hold enable equitable transitions to low-carbon energy futures?

4 June 2024

In African cosmogonies, all living entities are composed of symbiotic relations while complex infrastructures are required to sustain personhood.

4 June 2024

Join us in celebration of outstanding research in the humanities, social sciences, law and theology. The Holberg Week 2024 takes place 4 –7 June in Bergen and Oslo.

3 May 2024

Join us as we celebrate Nils Klim Laureate Siddharth Sareen and his actionable research.

26 April 2024

Welcome to an open seminar about this year’s Holberg Prize winner: historian, political theorist and public intellectual Achille Mbembe.

22 April 2024

Organized by the Center for Digital Narrative, in collaboration with the Holberg Prize, this reading group will explore selected texts by 2024 Holberg Prize Laureate Achille Mbembe, before discussing his approach to technology.

14 March 2024

On Thursday, 14 March, the 2024 Holberg Prize and Nils Klim Prize will be announced at the University Aula in Bergen.

26 January 2024

This event will feature the 2023 Holberg Prize Laureate Joan Martinez-Alier and other distinguished speakers. They will discuss current global challenges and the role of global political ecology to understand and tackle these.

18 January 2024

How can local and historical knowledge contribute to rethinking current, planetary issues? Four excellent young researchers form the Nordics share perspectives from their research.