The Holberg Prize School Project

The Holberg Prize School Project Winners of 2019, from Oslo City Steiner School, Kongsberg Upper Secondary School and Kirkenes Upper Secondary School. Thor Brødreskift

The Holberg Prize School Project is an annual research competition for students in the upper secondary schools in Norway.

The Holberg Prize School Project was established in 2004 as an initiative to increase understanding of and interest in research in the humanities, social sciences, law and theology amongst upper secondary school students in Norway.

Each year, around 1000 students from 20 selected schools participate in the competition. The projects are part of their regular classes in Norwegian, English, history, sociology and social anthropology, law and religion.The contestants are carrying out self-chosen research projects in cooperation with experienced scholars who help develop the projects.

The Student Prize

The three top contributions are awarded prizes of 30 000 NOK, 20 000 NOK and 10 000 NOK, respectively, and the winners are invited to the Holberg Week, which takes place in Bergen in June each year.

The Teacher's Prize

The Holberg Prize School Project also awards a prize of 20 000 NOK to the teacher who presents the best educational program initiated as part of the Project each year. The aim is to encourage teachers participating in the project to share their experiences with others. The Prize is an acknowledgement of the teacher’s role as an academic resource and source of inspiration that stimulates interest in research amongst the students.