The finalists in the 2024 Holberg School Programme! From the left: Malin Eckhoff Årnes, Edvard Hove Rosenlund og Erika Lind-Larsen. Photo: Private

Malin E. Årnes, Edvard H. Rosenlund and Erika Lind-Larsen

Bergen Cathedral School, Drammen Upper Secondary School and Vestby Upper Secondary School

Winner of the Holberg Prize School Project

Bergen Cathedral School, Drammen Upper Secondary School and Vestby Upper Secondary School are the finalists in the 2024 Holberg School Programme. Mirjam Væring-Skogrand from Christian Upper Secondary School Trøndelag is awarded the Teacher's Prize.

The Jury of the Holberg School Project has selected three finalists in this year's competition. We must wait until the Award Ceremony during the Holberg Week in June to learn who has come in frist, second and third place. 

The finalists, listed alphabetically by school name, are:

Edvard Hove Rosenlund, Bergen Cathedral School

The project “Knut Hamsun 72 years after his death” revisits the controversies surrounding the Norwegian Nobel laurate turned nazi. Hamsuns authorship and the ethical questions of whether we should read him is investigated considering the ongoing cultural debates about cancel-culture.

Rosenlund provides an overview of central parts of the authorship’s reception and historical debates and by introducing high schoolers voices on Hamsun the project juxtapositions historical and current debates, shedding new light on both.

Malin Eckhoff Årnes, Drammen Upper Secondary School

The project “The Experienced Transition From Upper Secondary to Higher Education” ask whether students are sufficiently prepared for the demands of higher education when leaving high school. Her research shows that schools can take several actions in order to prepare their pupils for the life as students.

Simultaneously, Årnes explores what responsibility the students have themselves. The project shows that both the independence and the standards of academic writing poses challenges to the fresh students.

Erika Lind-Larsen, Vestby Upper Secondary School

In her research project "Lost in Translation?" Lind-Larsen asks what is lost in the translation from one language to another, and, if what is lost, matters to the overall interpretation. Her project centers on a novel, Heartstopper, and its Norwegian translation.

The project displays a systematic reading of the original and translated versions, highlighting some discrepancies and argue that they affect the readers perception of the characters, in particular.

The project rapport also highlights challenges faced by translators, both ethical in kind, as well as the commercial demands from a pressured publishing industry.

The Teacher's Prize to Mirjam Væring-Skogrand

Mirjam Væring-Skogrand. Foto: Privat
Mirjam Væring-Skogrand. Photo: Private.

The 2024 Teacher’s Prize is awarded to Mirjam Væring-Skogrand at Christian Upper Secondary School Trøndelag.

She receives the award for her rapport “Resilience – Developing the competence to face unknown situations in practice, and an attempt at understanding students" resistance to new learning situations.

Væring-Skogrand conducts two surveys among students participating in the Holberg Prize School Project, measuring their motivations and attitudes during the project period.  She concludes that her results show that resilience can be trained.


The Holberg Prize School Project

20 upper secondary schools and more than 1000 students from all over Norway participate in the Holberg School Programme each year. The students are assisted by scholars, and the projects are integrated into the students' regular curriculum. Three research projects are awarded prizes of NOK 30,000, NOK 20,000 and NOK 10,000 respectively.

The finalists are announced in mid May, and the Holberg Prize School Project Award Ceremony is held during the Holberg Week in early June each year.

The Holberg School Project Jury

Jørn Ljunggren ( Chair ), Researcher, Centre for Welfare and Labour Research, OsloMet

Åsta Dyrnes Nordø, Associate Professor, Department of Government, University of Bergen

Fredrik Nilsen, Assistant Professor, Institute of Philosophy and First Semester Studies, UiT Arctic University of Norway

Elise Farstad Djupedal, PhD Candiate in Pedagogy, Department of Teacher Education, NTNU

Tale Birkeland Engebretsen, Teacher in Norwegian, History and German, and Head of the Writing Centre at Porsgrunn Upper Secondary School.