The 2004 Holberg Symposium: "Thinking About Liberty in Dark Times"

The Holberg Symposium was held in honour of Julia Kristeva, the Holberg Laureate 2004, on 2. December in Bergen.

In Honor of Julia Kristeva, Holberg Prize Laureate
Kelly Oliver, Vanderbilt University

Thinking about liberty in dark times
Julia Kristeva, University of Paris 7 – Denis Diderot

Commentary: Freedom and Ethical Value
Sara Beardsworth, Southern Illinois University

The Semiotic and the Other: a response to Julia Kristeva
John Fletcher, University of Warwick

Liberty, Freedom, the Imaginary
Atle Kittang, University of Bergen

The concept of working through
Iréne Matthis, International Psychoanalytic Association


to 15:00, CET.
Auditorium 1, The Faculty of Law, Dragefjellet
Practical information
Free admittance.