Upcoming events

27 January 2023

The Holberg Prize and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities will host a discussion on the long lines of nationalism, authoritarianism, and democracy in Europe and Germany.

Previous events

20 January 2023

As we face an increasing set of intertwined crises—from climate change to economic, social, and political upheaval across the world—is there a need for new imaginations of alternative futures?  

2 December 2022

The Nils Klim Symposium is organized annually as a collaboration between the Nils Klim Laureate and the Holberg Prize.

1 December 2022

What do the current geopolitical crises mean for the power of deterrence and the prospects of a new global security order?

29 November 2022

As a warmp-up to the 1 December Holberg Debate, the documentary film "Why Ukraine?" will be screened on 29 November. Afterwards, there will be a discussion between Professor Lise Rakner and Professor Don Kalb.

13 October 2022

In this conversation with Professor Roger Strand, Laureate Sheila Jasanoff speaks about her pioneering research in the field of Science and Technology Studies.

27 September 2022

The 2022 Nils Klim Prize was awarded to Finnish theologian Elisa Uusimäki, for her outstanding research into the literary and cultural history of Judaism in antiquity. In this interview, Uusimäki speaks about her research interests and approaches.

10 June 2022

Holberg Laureate Sheila Jasanoff in conversation with Professor Cathrine Holst on the issue of trust in relations between experts and publics.

10 June 2022

A conversation between 2022 Holberg Laureate Sheila Jasanoff, Harvard University, and Professor Stephen Hilgartner, Cornell University.

10 June 2022

A roundtable discussion on young researchers’ careers in the Nordic countries with perspectives from the social sciences and humanities.

9 June 2022

The Official Award Ceremony for the Holberg Prize and the Nils Klim Prize.

8 June 2022

Science and Technology Studies allows us to rethink the position of the political subject in a mechanized, instrumentalized, yet indeterminate world. Lecture by the 2022 Holberg Prize Laureate, Sheila Jasanoff.

8 June 2022

Experts are usually seen as skilled in understanding and explaining how the world works, but they do not only represent the world: they help make it.

7 June 2022

The Holberg Prize Laureate and the Nils Klim Prize Laureate in conversation about their background and their research.

7 June 2022

Technologies are not merely tools for achieving necessary ends but a vehicle through which humans articulate and implement visions of the future.

7 June 2022

What enabled or compelled women to move in the past? This seminar explores aspects of women’s travel in the Ancient Mediterranean.