Upcoming events

14 March 2024

On Thursday, 14 March, the 2024 Holberg Prize and Nils Klim Prize will be announced at the University Aula in Bergen.

4 June 2024

Join us in the celebration of outstanding research in the humanities, social sciences, law and theology. The Holberg Week 2024 will take place 4 —7 June in Bergen and Oslo. Save the dates!

Previous events

2 December 2023

Do conscious experiences happen both within and outside the brain, and can science solve the 'hard problem' of consciousness?

1 December 2023

Elisa Katariina Uusimäki received thye Nils Klim Prize in 2022. On 1 December, 2023, she will organize the symposium "Travel and Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean".

28 November 2023

The 2 December Holberg Debate will explore whether or not cosciousness extends beyond brains. As a warm-up to the debate, three researchers from the University of Bergen will discuss how consiousness should be understood.

3 November 2023

In this session, the participants will engage in an open-ended conversation and consider what acts of public imagination are most needed in the present – to establish the grounds of collective thought and within the turnings and sometimes the convulsions of generational time.

2 November 2023

This symposium will take the form of an moderated open-ended panel discussion, in which the participants seek answers and insight to the following key question: What are the key elements of future institutions that are needed to deepen democracy and to support intergenerational fair transitions?

2 November 2023

In this symposium the speakers each present their perspectives on co-production in the Anthropocene before engaging in a moderated panel discussion.

1 November 2023

Keynote by Professor Sheila Jasanoff followed by commentary and a conversation with Professor Achille Mbembe and moderator Professor Zeblon Vilakazi.

12 June 2023

Seminar on environmental justice and related issues, in collaboration with CICERO and NMBU.

9 June 2023

Social Metabolism, Ecological Distribution Conflicts and Valuation Contests in the Environmental Justice Movements arising worldwide.

8 June 2023

The Official Award Ceremony for the Holberg Prize and the Nils Klim Prize.

8 June 2023

20 upper secondary schools and around 1000 students from all over Norway participate in the Holberg Prize School Project each year.

7 June 2023

Mapping geographies of resistance at the frontiers of commodity extraction and waste disposal in a world counter-movement for environmental justice. Lecture by the 2023 Holberg Laureate, Joan Martinez-Alier.

7 June 2023

How can the study of Social Metabolism in Ecological Economics and Industrial Ecology lead to Political Ecology, through the Arctic region?

6 June 2023

The Holberg Prize Laureate and the Nils Klim Prize Laureate in conversation.

6 June 2023

How was the fact-fiction distinction established? This seminar investigates the emergence of new conceptions of fact and fiction in the 18th century.