The Holberg Conversation 2015: Marina Warner

Holberg Prize laureate 2015 Marina Warner in conversation with Kari Jegersted, associate professor at SKOK, University of Bergen.

So long as I can remember, the world inside my head was as important as the world outside. What I could discover through imagining it, through reading had as much of a presence.  Marina Warner

A co-production between The Holberg Prize and University of Bergen

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Marina Warner is a polymathic literary scholar and critic whose work unsettles the boundaries between disciplines and cultures. Read more.

Podcast with Marina Warner

Marina Warner talks about her upbringing and how she came to be a writer and scholar. Warner elaborates on her approach to exploring topics such as fairytales, myths, history and gender. Listen to interview


Marina Warner was awarded The Holberg Prize 2015.

Warner recieved the honour for her work on the analysis of stories and myths and how they reflect their time and place. She is known for the emphasis of gender roles and feminism in her literary work.

Marina Warners speech at the award Ceremony in Håkonshallen

The Holberg Conversation 2015: Marina Warner

From Vogue to University, and "Why I Quit", Udannet podcast interview with Marina Warner