The 2021 Nils Klim Conversation with Daria Gritsenko

The 2021 Nils Klim Prize was awarded to Finnish-Russian Daria Gritsenko, for her outstanding research contributions in the intersection between political science, environmental studies and digital humanities. In this interview Gritsenko speaks about her background and research

Gritsenko's research is in the field of public policy and governance, with a particular focus on the dynamics between the state and non-state actors in response to the changing natural and technological environments. Her work appeared in renowned academic journals, including Energy Policy, Energy Research and Social Science, Elementa, Policy Studies Journal, and Regulation and Governance.

In 2017, Gritsenko co-founded Digital Russia Studies, a scholarly network exploring new ways for combining data science and social sciences in area studies.

Interviewer: Håvard Haarstad, Professor and founding director for the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation, University of Bergen.


to 11:00, CET.
Place: Bergen / Helsinki
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