Nils Klim Symposium: "DOUBT: Interdisciplinary perspectives"

The Nils Klim Symposium is organized annually as a collaboration between the Nils Klim Laureate and the Holberg Prize.

Having doubt is human. Everyone knows that feeling. But why do we doubt? What is the origin and the purpose of doubt? How does doubt affect us as individuals, in our private and professional lives? How do expressions of doubt affect social interactions and policy preferences? And if we were to study human doubt, how would we do that? DOUBT: Interdisciplinary perspectives is an international event that brings together scholars of anthropology, linguistics, management, psychology, public policy, theology, and philosophy to shed light on the phenomenon of doubt.

Invited participants:

Professor Mark Fenton O’Creevy (The Open University UK) 
Professor Mathijs Pelkmans (London School of Economics and Political Science) 
Professor Angel Pinillos (Arizona State University)
Dr. Jutta Salminen (University of Greifswald)
Professor Benjamin Schliesser (University of Bern)
Professor Olga Stavrova (Tilburg University)
Dr. Juliette Vazard (City University of New York)


to 17:00, CET.
University of Helsinki