Reading Group: Achille Mbembe and Technology

Organized by the Center for Digital Narrative, in collaboration with the Holberg Prize, this reading group will explore selected texts by 2024 Holberg Prize Laureate Achille Mbembe, before discussing his approach to technology.

During the event, Patrick Jagoda will give an introduction to necropolitics and death in video games. Jill Walker Rettberg will then give a an introduction  to Mbembe’s view of technology in The Earthly Community and Brutalism. This will be followed by open discussion.

Should anyone else wish to give introductions to specific issues, please contact Jill Walker Rettberg.

Recommended readings:

More information: See the Center for Digital Narrative webpage.





to 13:00, CEST.
Center for Digital Narrative, Meeting room LG1: Glass Pavillion, Langes gate 1-3, University of Bergen.
Practical information
The event is open to the public and requires no registration.